Betta fish, more commonly known as Siamese fighting fish, are one of the most popular fish for household aquariums.

Betta’s are very territorial and in the wild they will prey on small animals like shrimp, bloodworms insects and flies. You can buy freeze dried bloodworms from any pet store but try to change up their diets every now and again because eating the same food all the time can harm their immune system over time.

Ideally these fish need to eat every day but if you can’t feed them every day then several times a week would be enough. It takes roughly two weeks for a betta to starve to death. These creatures will consume whatever you put in their tank because in the wild they would keep eat all that they can as they are unsure of when their next meal would be so be careful not to over-feed your pet.

Feeding your fish once a day is enough but you can feed them twice a day, especially if you know you will be unable to feed them at all for a couple of days soon.

Up to three bloodworms or shrimp will be a substantial meal for your pets so aim to provide this at least once a day but twice a day if you can.

What if my fish aren’t eating?

A simple solution to this is to reduce the number of pellets/bloodworms that you put in the tank. Once they get their appetite back and you notice them consuming their food quickly then you can put it back up to three or sometimes four if you think it is necessary. If you spot uneaten pieces of food in the tank be sure to use a net to bail it out as it can attract bacteria which, if the fish becomes peckish and consumes, can cause problems for your betta.

Caring for your betta

One thing that people neglect is to care for their betta properly.  Make sure that you get the best nano aquarium that you can afford for you fish.  A good desktop reef tank will do wonders for the health and livelihood of your pet betta fish.