Almost every dog owner is concerned about how long he’ll be able
to enjoy companionship with his friend. However this affected by some factors.Some will guess at their dog’s
life expectancy by thinking of their age over a lifetime.

The factors affecting life expectancy include your dog’s breed, size, and
environment. And these are not the only factors that come into play.

dog age

Size is an important factor. For instance, a Chihuahua might be expected to live 15 or so years. Border collies, a somewhat larger breed, can look forward to a live of 10 to 16 years. And significantly larger dogs, such as the Great Dane, generally
live only a few years. A breed calculator will give surprisingly
accurate results, based upon knowing the size and breed of your dog.

You’ve probably heard the tales that one year for a dog is the
equivalent of seven years for a human. This saying isn’t always true though.

Only about 8% of dogs — one in twelve — can be expected to live past 15 years. Sixteen percent of dogs — one in six — die as a result of diseases such as
cancer and heart disease. Humans aren’t euthanized when
diagnosed with a fatal disease. This is one reason why you cannot
realistically compare dog years to human years.

Other dogs as they age may demonstrate poorer skin/fur condition, reduced appetite, and even loss of some teeth. Also common as your dog ages are hearing and vision problems. You’ll notice that these are very similar to signs seen in
aging humans, too. It is truly unfortunate that dogs cannot call upon the same supra-abundance of age-extending medications as can their humans. Some medications can help a dog live longer, but there aren’t as many of them and they don’t address as many disease.

Dogs and humans differ significantly at a physiological level; but there are
enough common experiences and disabilities accompanying aging that a
close observation of your dog will help you evaluate the stage(s) of her
aging process. There is no simple formula like, “One dog year is the
same as seven human years.” But observation and love will assist you in
making some educated guesses based on what information you have.

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