Is your sink or waste crusher broken? Contact a professional plumber quickly, the only one to have the necessary skills to troubleshoot your device. Discover the price of this type of repair as part of our file on the costs of different types of troubleshooting.



The cost of the garbage disposal repair depends on the nature of the problem. It may be a congestion of the evacuation pipes. A clogging of evacuation channels occurs if your sink or garbage disposal fails to take care of the waste or toilet paper properly. This problem also occurs if you throw other objects such as pads, wipes, panty liners, or condoms into the toilet bowl. The plumber will intervene to unclog your appliance and your pipes. It will also check if your sink or WC crusher is working properly. Allow between $30-60 per hour for the work.


The blades on your grinder can break if you throw a solid object into the machine. Although they are made of metal, these elements can be damaged by attempting to crush cardboard packages or plastic objects. The broken blades are recognized by an unusual sound when the unit is switched on. The professional will intervene to carry out the necessary repairs. Add the spare parts price to the craftsman’s hourly rate and travel expenses.


The engine failure is recognized by the inactivity of the crusher when you shoot. You can call a professional to assess the damage. Since the engine is the most expensive component of the device, its price is relatively high. In most cases, it is preferable to change the unit rather than replacing the engine. Approximately $90 for an entry-level crusher.